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The International Union of Veterinary Cyclists

Ride. Learn. Repeat.Why can't education be fun?

The International Union of Veterinary Cyclists (IUVC) was founded to bring veterinary professionals together for world-class continuing education in locations that are also spectacular places to bike, run, hike or just relax. 

We believe that the relaxed mind is a more focused mind, and that the more focused mind is
more apt to learn and retain. The IUVC meetings typically span 3-5 days and are structured
such that each day allows for both education and ample free time for adventure or relaxation.

We believe it is the best time you will ever have at work.

We have all been to large CE conferences where we came away feeling as harried as one might at the end of a work week.  We do it differently.  

We have held 4-5 day small group conferences amidst the grandeur of Arches National Park in Moab, atop the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains in Bend, deep in the heart of California wine country, while gazing across white sand beaches at the Sea of Cortez in Baja and just last month in the unparalleled beauty that is Zion National Park.

To be added to the email list for future conferences, just drop us a line at info@vetlectures.com

Ride. Learn. Repeat.