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Continuing education for veterinarians

World Class Veterinary
Continuing Education
In the Most Beautiful
Destinations on Earth

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Destination Veterinary Conferences

What We Believe

Destination Veterinary Conferences

What We Believe

We believe that there is a time to travel to mega-meetings.....and also that there is a time to go to the beautiful places and receive top CE for the mind while re-charging the body and spirit.  

We believe that learning is a lifelong adventure. None of us learned all that we needed to know in veterinary school. 

The desire for continual education and working to improve one’s clinical acumen are among the noblest pursuits of our profession.
We just happen to especially enjoy doing so amidst beautiful settings.

Our instructors are not only experts and renowned speakers, they are all practicing clinicians.
They understand the practical side of the clinical dilemmas we face and this experience informs their teaching. 

Our courses are designed to be applicable in your daily practice.

We have been providing RACE-approved CE since 2010.

We believe in limiting class size to foster learning over listening.

Our lecturers are not beholden to any sponsors and we take our independence seriously.
Our courses are not designed to promote a particular product, hospital or lab test. 

We believe our meetings are the best time you will ever have at work.

We believe the relaxed mind is a more focused mind...

and the more focused mind is more apt to learn and retain,